IdenTcl - the Integrated Development ENvironment for TCL

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Pronounced “Identical”

Current Version 1.9 Released 5-12-2003

Screenshot of IdenTcl 1.7

Previous Version: 1.7 Released 02-03-2003

Features: Version 1.9

  • All features work in Linux & Windows

  • Uses wish8.4 or tclkit

  • High contrast syntax highlighting

  • Procedure list to navigate quickly

  • Run/Stop/Debug code with/without tkcon

  • Integrated lpr print client allows printing from Windows too

  • Last 3 edited files in history list

  • Automatic indentaton of next line

  • Click on opening brace or bracket to find matching close brace/bracket

  • Rectangle selection option allows grabing square groups of chars

  • New font picker and printer select dialog boxes

  • Support for 4 printer configurations

  • 80 or 132 column display and printing

ToDo List:

  • Integrate project management features

  • Add starkit/starpack generation code

  • Choose from list of printers / printing options

  • Integrate an enhanced SpecTcl as the GUI creation tool

  • Need to test in Apple OS's

  • Include a set of clean fixed fonts

  • Insert real help info in place of snooty help message.

  • Adjust menus for use on the Linux iPaq

SnapShot: 5-17-2003: Version 1.9c Get it here identcl.tcl

  • Pressing TAB after selecting a range of text shifts the block right

  • Pressing Shift-TAB after selecting a range of text shifts the block left

  • Removed the prompt to save a newly loaded file on exit

Author: Steve Redler IV, SCSE SR Technology, steve_at_sr-tech_dot_com

Developed by merging bits and pieces from other projects, glued and enhanced with a lot of original code. A few projects that were scavenged include tknotepad, Visual Tcl, ML texteditor and SpecTcl. Logo

Last Update: 05-17-2003